The Grunting Dog (a short story by Micheal Cambello) !


The Grunting Dog


The dog woke up to loud screaming noises and aching pain.
He found himself in a factory of sorts, in a cell with
around 100 other dogs. A few minutes of rest was
better than nothing, sleep deprivation was rampant
because of the constant barking and moaning from the
other dogs. This time the dog felt lucky it was just
the tortured sounds of perpetual agony from the other
dogs that woke him up, on a bad day it would be a
vicious attack from one of the other dogs that
would interrupt his rest.

“This unease, I feel…different?”

The dog tried to stand up but an excruciating pain shot
through his right leg and stopped him in his tracks, the
result of an attack from another dog from a few days
prior. Cannibalism was not uncommon; many dogs went
insane because of the poor conditions. The concrete floor
was colored in blood, puss and filth and the atrocious
stench was beyond anything the senses could endure.
It was dark, as it always had been, with only glimpses
of light penetrating through the windows just below
the factory ceiling.
The dog thought to himself what he had done to deserve
this. Was it because he was born as a dog? Or was it
that humans enjoyed seeing dogs suffer? Maybe this was
simply what the life of a dog was supposed to be.

“But I am a dog, humans love dogs?”

Suddenly a door opened and light shed into the factory
and the dog thought to himself “Oh no! The two-legged
devil is here again!”
He was wrong, there were five of them, and they were
walking towards his cell. Many of the dogs started to
get even more anxious and stressed out than they already
were, they could all feel something bad was about to
happen. The dog made one last effort to move himself
closer to the other side of the cell but the pain from
his leg stopped him yet again. The concoction of intense
pain and fear caused the dog to pass out.
The dog woke up to loud screaming noises and aching pain,
but this time something was different. This was not the
cell he had spent the last few months in. “Where am I?”
he asked himself. This factory was lit up with big lamps
and two-legged devils could be seen walking around
everywhere and the loud noises of grinding machines were
damped only by the agonizing screams of the numerous
dogs. The screams were different this time. It was
louder, more intense, and the concrete floor below
covered entirely in blood. “What is going to happen
to me?” the dog asked himself. Just as the dog looked
around in the factory a gate opened up and the dog was
pulled into a big metal box with two other dogs. The dog
felt more and more fearful as the seconds passed and the
other two dogs, not hindered by any leg injuries and
both of them healthier than him, struggled to get out
of the tight box. The metal box slowly started to
descend, with terrible screams from other dogs heard
from below. The dog was in pain and deeply fearful, and
now something else started to happen to him. His eyes
started to burn and every breath he inhaled only made it
harder to breathe. The two other dogs passed out from
the carbon dioxide and with their screaming no longer
present, the dog started to snap out from his
dissociative state. Although still fearful and anxious,
he was thinking, seeing, feeling clearly now.

“I am no dog.”

With the last grunt that the pig could muster up, he
took one last look at his hooves and lay down. All the
terror and pain he had lived true had come to an end
because an eternal sleep had now come to free him……


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