More on DJ Jens / yacatchme ! is the home of yacatchme, the Swedish blog of
The Big Dog DJ JENS aka #BapeBoy, Sweden´s No.1 Street Rap &
RnB radio DJ @ MRS 90.5 FM Västerort, Stockholm.

I pl-play upfront U.S. hiphop, dirty south/trap rap, sexy
sl-sloooow bangin´ r&b + swedish street rap.
DJ Screw R.I.P.

Info on my legendary SOUL UNDERGROUND
radio show here:

Listen to my radio show here: BapeBoyDJJENS


Follow me first and foremost (Dygnet Runt ALLTID)
on twitter 24/7 here:

…and on instagram…

I am a partner of #OnceWereGood #yacatchme
– Sweden´s First And Only Urban, Glamour And
Fetish Model Network !

Check Us Out On Instagram:

I love street fashion, urban fashion & some high fashion.

I eat only Vegan Food since February 2015,
became 100% Vegan in March 2016 and
will stay so for the rest of my Life.
Shout out my vegan brother from another

Freedom of speech on the internet is a very important issue to me and,
I think, the whole world.

I also follow & support the mighty NEW YORK YANKEES baseball team
and my fave local soccer club Stockholms Stolthet aka

Please contact me with any inquiries you may have:

DJ JENS @ Yankee Stadium in da Bronx,
Thursday, September 29, 2016.



2 thoughts on “More on DJ Jens / yacatchme !

  1. Hej!
    Vad har du för mailadress?
    Skickar gärna nytt material till dig från Mårdh & Shivano, som jag jobbar med. Såg att du lagt in deras låt “Nej nej nej” i en av dina spellistor!!

    Ha det bra!!

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