YaCatchMe Girls in Sessions Captured by Senior Photographer Anders Larsson !

These sessions have all appeared, as eye candy, on
Disc Jockey Jens Dünkelberg’s blog yacatchme,
a blog devoted to hiphop, rap and r’n’b music,
street fashion, urban culture, baseball and football.
Some of the models may be available for photo
shoots. If you would like to book an assignment
with one of them, you are welcome to get in touch
with Jens, who will forward your e-mail to the model.

And if you are interested in modelling for us,
or just trying your hand at modelling, to see
what it is like and if it could be something for
you, you are also welcome to contact Jens,
who will put you in touch with Anders.


Anders about Amina:

Amina is an internationally renowned striptease
artist, and it is an honour and a privilege and
a pleasure to work with her. She is a truly
superb and outstanding model in all respects!

Amina and a Black Veil

Amina in a Top Hat

Amina in a Top Hat – Bonus Pics B&W

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – March 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – Valborg / April 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – May 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – June / Midsommar 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – July 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – August 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – September 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – October 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – November 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – December 2018

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – January 2019

Amina Calendar Girl of the Month – February 2019


Anders about Angelica:

Angelica is a delightful model who goes all-in when it
comes to striking expressive poses.

Naughty Nurse

Light Striptease in a Blue Dress

Posing Burlesque-Style

Angelica in an Elegant Green Dress

All the Girls Wanna Be Like Angelica

Anna J

Anders about Anna J:

Anna is a very experienced and widely travelled
model, who poses for fine art nude photos like the
most natural thing in the world, with perfect
ease and great inventiveness and expressiveness.
It is a true pleasure to work with her.

Nude by the Fjord

Nude in Window Light

Anna P   

Anders about Anna P:

Anna is a highly experienced and competent model whom
it is a delight to work with.

Anna in a Torn Bodystocking

Anna in Red and Black and Tassels


Anders about Bewie:

Bewie is a delightful model who poses with a special
Far Eastern charm.

Blowing in the Wind

Bewie in a Pale Turquoise Nightie

Bewie in the Bath


Anders about Camilla:

Camilla is a model with a very special and sensuous
charm of her own.

Camilla in a Red Bikini

Camilla in a White Bikini

Camilla in a Black Bikini

Camilla in a Leopard Bikini


Anders about Caroline:

Caroline was a delightful acquaintance to make! She is
a very charming girl and a highly professional and competent glamour

Glambabe Caroline in High Boots


Catherine about herself:

I did some semi-professional modeling twelve years ago
but never signed any contracts as I was busy with other work. I’m
naturally photogenic, always enjoy working the camera and revealing
the various sides of my personality through photos. I’m outgoing, love
going new places, meeting new people, experimenting with new looks.
I’m Norwegian but due to being raised abroad, English is my mother
tongue. I can speak Swedish as well (but not fluently). I am focused
and committed to doing a good job regardless of whether it’s TFP or a
paid assignment.

I’m always looking for photographers who I can work with to expand my

In general I’m interested in all sorts of ideas, modeling isn’t just a
job/career interest… it’s my favorite hobby.

Catherine in Burlesque

Silk Rope and Nipple Clamps


Anders about Cleo:

Cleo, with her fantastic tattoos, is a
fascinating model to photograph.
And her personality is just as sweet
as her appearance is bold.

Introducing Cleo


Anders about Daniella:

Daniella has a natural and spontaneous charm, which is
a great quality when it comes to modelling.

Daniella as a Sexy Schoolgirl

Hello Kitty


Anders about Daphne:

Daphne is new to the game, but she clearly has great
potential as a model.

Against a Graffiti Wall


Anders about Daria:

I had the privilege of doing a photo shoot
with Daria when she came over from
St. Petersburg for a Stockholm sojourn.
It was a truly pleasurable experience,
which I hope will be repeated.
Daria is 200 % professional as a model
and has a special Russian charm.

Russian Delight


Anders about Denisa:

I have had the pleasure of working with
Denisa in the archipelago on the west coast.
She is a very athletic and agile model who is
in superb command of her body
and uses it to strike the most expressive
poses. And she is also very charming
and pleasant and easy to get on with.”

Nude in a Rocky Crevice

Nude by the Water´s Edge

Nude Against Granite


Anders about Ebbe:

Ebbe is a very pleasant and easy-going
model who delights in showing the curves of her
voluptuous body to the camera.

Big Is Beautiful


Elin about herself:

Glad, utåtriktad, spontan tjej som är
öppen för alla förslag, då jag fortfarande bara
kan kalla mig för amatör … Och har testat
lååååångt ifrån allt som testas bör!

Introducing Elin

Elin and a White Cube

Elin in a Sexy Black Outfit

Elin in a White Top and Torn Jeans

A Chick with an Attitude

Low-Key Nudes with Elin


Elixir about herself:

Jag fick namnet Elixir, till och med egentligen
Elixir1974, efter en av mina första fotograferingar, då
fotografen tyckte att jag var giftig på bild. Jag är 42
år och brinner för skapandet. Jag syr och skapar det mesta
som jag fotograferas i, som kläder och smycken med mera. Jag har
dansat och spelat teater sedan jag var liten, och det är väl
det jag gör framför kameran också. Jag kommer att
fortsätta med det jag gör så länge jag orkar och
vill. Hoppas även att nå ut med mina bilder så mycket
som det går.

Lady Domina

The Hold-Up


Anders about Felicia:

Felicia is a skilled dancer with her own troupe. She
would definitely have a future in modelling, should she choose to go
in for it.

Felicia Massamba is Going In

Felicia for Gömda Juveler


Anders about Freya:

Freya is a model from the USA whom I had the
pleasure of working with when she came to Sweden.
Modelling comes completely naturally to her
and she poses with aplomb and finesse.

Freya in the Wood

Boulders and Bodies


Helene, very succinctly, about herself:

Jag jobbar heltid och har mycket att göra men
tycker det är roligt att modella ibland.

Pin-Up in a Summery Frock


Isabel about herself:

Har gjort ett flertal fotosessioner med två olika
fotografer, då det har blivit ett par tusen bilder och
båda fotograferna blivit väldigt nöjda med resultatet.
Har gjort underkläder/bikini och vanliga kläder, både
i studio och utemiljöer. Jag är väldigt lätt att
jobba med och trivs framför kameran. Är öppen för
förslag, dock ej helnaket.

Introducing Isabel


Anders about Ivana:

Ivana is clearly one of the very best models
I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
She knows exactly how to strike very expressive
and beautiful poses – and has an enormous
repertoire of them!

Nude on a Cube

Nude on a Cube – Remix Colour

Nude Duo



Anders about Jackie:

Jackie poses with lovely warm
sensuality, and that makes it a delight
to work with her.

Colourful Boudoir


Jessie about herself:

Jag är 26 år gammal och tvåbarnsmorsa.
Jag är en glad och positiv tjej. Jag gillar att vara med
kompisar, spela basket och umgås med familjen.

Jag är en amatörmodell som vill utvecklas och få lite
mer erfarenhet av att stå framför kameran. Jag är
samarbetsvillig. Jag är inte smal men har kurvig kropp som jag
är grymt stolt över.

Gå gärna in på min hemsida. Där finns det mer
bilder: www.modelasian.wordpress.com

Jessie in a Catsuit

Jessie in a Red and Black Corset

Jessie in a Red Corset

Jessie in a Skimpy Dress


Johanna about herself:


Jag är en 27-årig glad sprallig tjej som älskar att
dansa och vara amatörmodell.

Mitt intresse är verkligen dans … och jag skulle vilja jobba
på strippklubbar eller privata fester! Jag älskar att
modella och kommer göra det så länge jag kan.

Johanna in a Hot Fishnet Dress

Johanna in a Skimpy Black Dress

Johanna in a Tight White Dress

Enthralling Johanna

Johanna for Yacatchme and OnceWereGood


Josefina about herself:

Nu har jag varit hobbymodell ett tag och när jag
inte står framför kameran nästan längtar jag dit!
Jag är fortfarande nybörjare men fotografer har sagt att jag
är naturligt bra på det.

Easter Bunny

Josefina in an Open and Sheer Blouse

Josefina décolletée


Josefine about herself:

Jag är en öppen och glad tjej, som har
lätt för att spricka ut i skratt när man minst anar

Utbildad bilplåtslagare, jobbar med dans.

De största passionerna i mitt liv är framför allt
bilarna, den elektroniska musiken, eldlekarna, vännerna och
dansen. Varför inte försöka få några intressanta
sessioner inom de områdena?

Ibland kan jag få rätt snåriga idéer, och
då vet man aldrig var det slutar.


Chick with Two Feathery Fans

Josefine in a Hot Lilac Outfit

Sexy Santa

Transparent Temptation


Anders about Jozzan:

Jozzan is very pleasant to work with. She has a natural
aptitude for glamour and pin-up shoots.


Easter in Fluffy Moonboots

Jozzan in a White Corset


Anders about Linn:

Linn is a keen horsewoman and very photogenic, too,
together with her favourite horse Brynja.

Linn & Brynja


Anders about LittleKitty:

LittleKitty is a gifted dress designer and cosplay
artist, and she is just as talented as a model!

LittleKitty of the Month – March 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – April 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – May 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – June 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – July 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – August 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – September 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – October 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – November 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – December 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – January 2016

LittleKitty of the Month – February 2017


Anders about Madde:

Modelling seems to come naturally to Madde and
she has a very spontaneous and relaxed approach
to it.

Madde Sensimillia Got the Streets

Madde Sensimillia in a Foam Bath

Toying and Teasing

Madde Sensimillia in Black Stayups

Madde Sensimillia in Lingerie

Naughty Naughty Easter

Madde Sensimillia in Fluffy Moonboots

Madde Sensimillia in Fluffy Moonboots – B&W Remix


Anders about Madeleine:

I have been doing photo shoots with Madeleine since
2008. She is one of my absolute favourites when it comes to models,
resourceful and always inspired and inspiring!

Dolce ed amabile

Swimsuit and Granite

Madeleine and a Red Shawl

Madeleine x 3

Autumn by the Sea

Madeleine Just Posing

Off Season

Madeleine Just Posing, Part Two

Flying the Colours

Flying the Colours Anew

Madeleine by the Window

Blue Narcisse

Me and My Chair

Golden Girl


Anders about Malinda:

It is a true pleasure to work with Malinda, who is a
superb fine-art-nude model with a very wide range of dynamic and
expressive poses.

Introducing Model Malinda

Nude on a High Stool

Nude on a Vienna Chair


Entangled – Remix


Anders about Maria:

Maria is a model with a vast repertoire of poses, which
she strikes with aplomb and panache. She will very likely have a great
career in modelling.

Maria in a Sexy Red Dress

Maria in Black & White

Maria in a Summery Outfit

Never Forget Maria

Home Run Maria

Leopard Gangsta


Mikaela about herself:

Jag är en 28-årig tjej från Stockholm som är utbildad
makeupartist. När jag var yngre jobbade jag
själv som modell och har då gjort reklam för bl a
schampoo och hårprodukter.

A Bad Hair Day

A Touch of Soot

Party Like a Rock Star


Anders about Moa:

Moa is a lovely model who combines cuteness with
sexiness in a very appealing way when she stands in front of the

Moa in a Red Babydoll

Nude Against a Plain Wall

Moa Back and Front


Anders about Noor:

Noor is an inspiring and inventive model with a vast
repertoire of striking and expressive poses. It is a true pleasure to
work with her.

Crouching and Crawling


Anders about Pling:

It is a delight to work with Pling, who specializes in
modelling for fetish photography.

Shibariesque Contortions

In a Chest Harness

Rope and Clothes Pegs

After Bondage

Shibari Details

Ballet Boot Burlesque

Shibari with a Bamboo Pole

Ballet Boot Burlesque – Remix Colour

Bondage Burlesque

Bondage Burlesque – Remix Colour

Black Ballet Boot Burlesque

Nude Against a Stone Wall

Provocative Poses on a Park Bench

More Provocative Poses


Provocative Poses by a Tree

Fettered – Black & White Remix

Provocative Poses by the Lake


Ramona about herself:

Brukar få höra att jag är en glad och
trevlig tjej, gillar att träffa nya människor. På
fritiden umgås jag med vänner och familj, jobbar lite extra
och tränar på gymmet. Har kommit igång och fotat en
del nu! Träning ger färdighet och jag jobbar mig

Ramona in Lingerie, Part One

Ramona in Lingerie, Part Two

Pin-Up Snapshots


Anders about Sally:

The first time I photographed Sally I was immediately
struck by her vast repertoire of poses and facial expressions. She is
a natural.

Introducing Sally

Sally in a Grey Dress

Sally for Shotmonkey Clothing


Sandra about herself:

Jag heter Sandra, är en glad och snäll tjej,
lätt att jobba med och gör alltid mitt bästa, går
med på alla slags fotograferingar.

Sandra in an Azure Blue Corset


Anders about Sasha:

Sasha is a very experienced and highly competent
night-club performer, which makes it a pleasure to have her in front
of the camera.

Sasha for Vuxentoys

Sasha for RökaKrökaGöka

Sasha for Lace & Goodies

Sasha in Pink Panties and Boots

Sasha in a Turquoise Minidress

Sasha in Crimson for Yacatchme

Sasha in a Sexy Red Dress

Sasha in a Yellow String

Sasha in a Tiny String – Black & White Remix

Sasha in an Old Leather Jacket

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – March 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – April 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – May 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – June 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – July 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – August 2017

Sasha in a Tight Cerise Dress

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – September 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – October 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – November 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – December 2017

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – January 2018

Sasha Glambabe of the Month – February 2018


Anders about Sindy:

Sindy is a model whose forte is sexy
glamour photos. She just walks onto the
set and delivers! Impressive!

Introducing Sindy


Anders about Sofia:

Sofia is a very experienced and professional model whom
it is a true pleasure to work with.

Anatomy of a Sun-Bathing Girl


Anders about Sofie:

Sofie is a delightful model who poses in a minimalistic
but nonetheless very expressive fashion.

Posing in Torn Tights

Tough Against Rough

Studio Nudes with Sofie

Sofie in a White Shirt

Sofie in a White Shirt – Black & White Remix


Anders about Suzzi:

Suzzi is an outstanding international model from
the Czech Republic. She travels the world extensively
on her modelling tours. I have twice had the
pleasure of receiving her in my studio, and I hope
to do so again. She is exceptionally talented
as a model, and it is a rare privilege and true
pleasure to work with her.
Incidentally, she and Ivana, whom you also find
on these pages, are sisters, and when they
pose together the pictures are pure dynamite!
It must be rare, perhaps even unique,
to find two such talented models in one family!

Gracefully Nude

Frivolous Fishnet Fashion

Frivolous Fishnet Fashion – Remix Colour

Gracefully Nude in Pencil Sketches

Nude Duo



Anders about Tezz:

Tezz is new to the game, but she has already shown
great potential as a model, with a very rich repertoire of poses and
facial expressions.

Tezz in a Top Hat and Black Corset

Cowgirl Tezz


Theresa about herself:

Jag är en spontan, glad tjej. Intresserad av mode
och make-up. Jag har tidigare varit hårmodell för bl a

Jag är oblyg och van att posera naken och påklädd. Jag
är seriös och ger 100 % i en fotosession.

Theresa in a Hot Fishnet Dress

Theresa in a Black Miniskirt

Theresa in a Blue T-Shirt

Theresa in Torn Tights

Theresa for Shotmonkey

Theresa Got the Streets

Theresa in a Hot Fishnet Dress B&W

Lingerie and Graffiti

Bad Kitty

Whip Me, Baby

Bad Kitty Handcuffed

Theresa in a Hot Fishnet Dress – Full Version

Tessan Teasing

Miss Tess G in a Tight Blue Outfit

Officer Boobsy

Naughty Nurse Tess

Miss Tess G in a Sexy Black Outfit

Boobsy Bugle Babe


Anders about Wilykit:

Wilykit is a deviant-art model with
many strings to her bow and always a
pleasure to work with.

School´s Out

Wonderdust Supertramp

Anders about Wonderdust Supertramp:

Wonderdust Supertramp is a Latvian
model with a screen name that fires the
imagination. She might equally well call
herself Wonderful Supermodel – because
that is exactly what she is!

Nude Between Two Windows

Nude Under Heavy Clouds

On a Sandy and Rocky Shore

Nude Under Heavy Clouds – A Brief Revisit

Nude in an Old Quarry

Nude on a Granite Rock

Nude in Sand Grass

Blowing in the Wind

Patio Nudes

Between Two Windows

Window Light

On The Bed


Last but not least, here is an interview, made by
Jens Dünkelberg, with the gentleman behind
the camera in these sessions,
Senior Photographer Anders Larsson.

And here are some highlights from Anders’ various
pictorials, for your viewing pleasure.


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