Video: The 3 Hardest Things About Being A Vegan !


När man går mot strömmen, oavsett om man
gör det för en bra sak, får man räkna
med motstånd.

In this video our good friend here @ yacatchme,
MICHEAL CAMBELLO, speaks on 3 of the
hardest things about being a vegan.



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4 thoughts on “Video: The 3 Hardest Things About Being A Vegan !

  1. I wasn’t expecting you to say any of these things! I guess I’m spoiled living in New York City. There isn’t a huge vegan population here either but at least an understanding community of people of get the benefits of veganism and the harms of animal consumption. I’m also a girl so when dating begins I get special treatment and always drag guys to vegan restaurants, lol. Where do you live? I guess if you’re not in a major area I’d get your struggle.

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